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Canada Goose men's warmest gifts

Snow Mantra Parka

Snow Mantra Parka | Men | Canada Goose

Arguably our most famous parka, the Snow Mantra is renowned as the warmest coat on earth. Developed for industrial and commercial work in the coldest regions on the planet, the Snow Mantra will carry you through the harshest of winter months in the harshest of climates. It is the most comprehensive offering in men's cold-weather apparel.


Expedition Parka

Expedition Parka | Men | Canada Goose

Warm, durable and iconic. Originally designed for scientists in Antarctica.

  • Non-removable, adjustable hood and fur ruff and with a shaping wire to stand up to winds
  • Fleece-lined chin guard for added warmth and comfort
  • Centre back 'Expedition' name patch that acts as a hanging strap
  • Interior back pack shoulder straps allow wearer to carry over their shoulder